How much in advance should I call for the pre-move survey?

You can call Globe Trans Logistics, at least 1-2 weeks prior to the move. This way we can plan your move better to make it a smooth one.

How long will the pre-move survey last?

Usually no more than 30 minutes.

What is the purpose of a survey?

We conduct a pre-move survey for the following reasons To Inspect your goods, Understand your needs, Identify delicate & valuable articles, Take measurements to calculate the volume of the goods, Assess manpower and materials requirements, Check facilities for loading, parking, movement of vehicles, etc amount of oil in engine, condition of car. During the survey Globe trans Logistics, will also explain the moving process, clear your apprehensions, advise you appropriate means of transport, schedule dates for car transportation. and most importantly help you plan your move more effectively.

How should I prepare myself for the pre-move survey?

Identify number of items and car volume you intend carrying, storing, donating, leaving behind etc. Show all the items you intend carrying to the surveyor. This helps us in making a better and more accurate estimate. Let us know about your special needs or areas of concern. Ask as many questions and clear all your doubts, however simple they may be. Make sure you give the same brief to all the moving companies surveying your goods

Will all my goods be crated?

Generally, only electronic goods, fragile items, glass / mirrors need to be crated. However, if you choose we can crate all the items you want.

What are the items that I can take and can't take with me?

Generally speaking, you can take most of the personal stuff like furniture, clothes, books, curios, utensils, electronic goods ,car,bikesetc. However, all flammable items, liquids, perishable foods and other items that can deteriorate should not be moved.

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

Generally car is to be picked from your door step if the area where you leave is well acceesible otherwise you are to drive the car up to our carrier vehicle.

What will be the condition of vehicle while you pick it up from my doorstep?

You are recommended not to keep more than quarter tank of fuel or minimum 10 ltr.Othewise it can create unwanted hazard. Pls remove loose parts such as non-retractable phone, radio, and CB antennas from your vehicle must be removed so that they do not get damaged in transport. If you are shipping your vehicle to Kerela or Assam, you will be charged an additional defueling fee if your vehicle has more than a quarter tank of fuel.

How could I know when my car is to be picked up?

To ensure a convenient pick-up or delivery time, you will be contacted by telephone within 12 to 24 hours in advance. This call will inform you of the general time which you can expect our transport driver to arrive.

Does Globe Trans Logistics has Insurance?

Yes, Globe Trans Logistics has cargo insurance policy covers your vehicle for full replacement value while in our possession.

Can I drop my Car at Pick up terminal?

Yes, we have convenient Transport Terminals located within most major India cities. This is a great choice for anyone looking for immediate delivery of their vehicle.

Will I save money if I deliver or pick-up my vehicle at a terminal?

Yes offcourse you can save a good amount of money if you pick and drop off the vehicle at our terminal located at major cities at convenient location.

Is Somebody accompany my possessions?

Yes, if required, one of the packers will accompany your goods to destination. This person is known as an escort. An escort is useful because the packer who packed your goods at origin will be there to assist you at destination.

Can I get Information of my vehicle while on transit?

Yes through tracking option yo will get details of the position and actual deliver time.

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